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14 March 2008 @ 02:46 pm
Questions, and personal story  
Hello again! I'm somewhere around 7/8 months post op, and I had a couple weird questions for you guys. I'm still getting really bad tightness and joint pain, only on the right side--the surgeon said it probably is just the joint remodeling, but it's on and off and gets really bad, anti-inflammatory drugs don't seem to help. Anyone have something similar and figure out what it was?

I've also lost taste for a lot of foods and drinks I used to like. I can't stand soda anymore--I was more sensitive to the carbonation after my first surgery, and now after the second, it makes me burp anytime I take even a sip and hurts and tastes awful. Everything except coffee tasted weird directly after the operation, but I've cut a lot out near the end of the process.

I'm due to get my braces off sometime in May [scheduled the 5th, so two days after I turn 18!] :] I am amazingly excited.

These will be a bit whacky and a bit out of order, so I'll make sure to label :]

First off, I had a narrow high arch in my upper jaw, mandibular and maxillary hypoplasia, and an open bite, with a bit of a cross bite or something of the sort, and some crowding in the front. I've had just about every dental procedure known to man [Skin grafting is personally the most horrifying to me]. I've been doing this since I had baby teeth--8 of them were ripped out all at once, and a few more down the road. Afterwards we went about braces, and an expander was later put in while they broke my palate in two and rapidly expanded it.
Right before my operation. I was always making weird faces like that in my pictures because my bite was so open. In the above photo there's already been several years of reconstruction which closed it just a couple of millimeters, but looks a lot better than what I had originally.


This is one of my xrays post-op, I think they broke the upper and lower jaw in a total of six places, and used those little metal plates to hold everything together.

I had a lot of swelling post op, which is to be expected, but I got some pictures when the swelling wasn't quite so bad [but still noticable]

The swelling went down naturally, pretty fast <3


And everything really evened out a lot. I have really noticeable cheeks now, and when I smile there's dimples, which is kind of weird because I never had them before. There's some weird things that only I notice, where my smile is a little different on one side, and that one of my eyes opens a little wider than the other one naturally.

These are sort of shoddy post-op pics, but I do a lot of costuming/crazy stuff so I thought I'd try to keep them to a norm. I may or may not get some more stuff after this is all finished and can construct a really awesome in-depth time-line, but yeah.

Surgery was totally worth it. My teeth are still tender, I'm still working on biting things [it's probably just because of the fine-tuning with the braces.] but I'm enjoying being able to eat tacos, and eat macdonalds and be able to bite into the pickles instead of pulling them all out at once, and all that.

If you're looking into correcting your open bite with surgery I suggest it 110%. I am seriously so happy that I can eat now, and it helps with my sleeping too, not to mention improved the balance of my face. :]

That's my story, anyways. Hopefully it helps anyone who's going through anything similar! If you have any questions you can add me, too.